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Zena Design is the result of the natural evolution of Prommel Enterprises, Inc, a company committed to providing unique solutions for a variety of industries with a keen focus on electrical utilities providers. Gary Prommel has been credited with numerous patents through his dedication to providing the correct solutions to meet his customer's requirements.


Zena Design possesses over 35 years of experience in the Plastics industry. We currently perform fabrication, molding via injection, thermal and rotational methods as well as research and development capabilities for a variety of prototypes and visionary projects. Our success with clients, including major electric utility companies, is attributable to our exacting standards and team attitude working "hand in hand" with various engineering development groups to meet their specific "Bird Outage" requirements.

Need a special design? We realize that all structures are not the same. We excel at building derivative products to fit your particular application. Your knowledge coupled with our engineering expertise allows us to expediently create the Zena product for your specific need. Our product development and manufacturing techniques combine design flexibility with the benefit of low production costs.

We perform all of the following: Plastic welding, Bending, Cutting and Forming, Assembly and Construction (hot air and extrusion). Our capabilities allow us to expediently develop and "prototype" your products



*** MADE IN THE U.S.A. ***